Thursday, January 19, 2012

De Gournay...Perhaps Someday!

My dream dining room would have walls adorned with beautiful and exquisite de Gournay hand painted wallpaper panels. De Gournay papers are famous all over the world and even if you are not familiar with the name, you've seen the wallpaper in magazines. The wallpaper is in the White House and London's 10 Downing Street. The company specializes in 18th century Chinoiserie. The custom finished product is just beautiful!

And even Kate Middleton is a fan! She is pictured below in a dress made of de Gournay silk!

Below are custom wallpaper panels by Gracie...just as beautiful!

Or this Gracie wallpaper in a room created by famous Atlanta designer, Dan Carithers...

Okay, so back to reality! Finely Frugal's approach to these beautiful hand painted papers....

This is a beautiful paper by Zoffany called Eleanora! It costs a tenth of what the de Gournay and Gracie papers cost. So, maybe one day in a dream home after all of my children are finished with college, I can have the de Gournay or Gracie. For now, Zoffany will do! I am planning to have pale blue silk panels and a diamond pattern seagrass rug. I will post pictures when it is complete!


  1. It will look BEAUTIFUL! So happy to see you posted something...keep 'em coming! You are inspiring me to blog...someday :)